Pure medieval spirit – the most beautiful village in Spain

A piece of the medieval Spain has been conserved extremely well in the village Albarracin of the Aragon Province, situated in the northeast corner of the Iberian Peninsula.

Surrounded by hills, the village is full of attractive sights, from Romanic alleys and beautiful houses to imposing castles and chapels. Above the village rises a majestic cathedral built in the Mudéjar style, full of elaborate ornaments inspired by Islamic art.

The village has only about 1,000 inhabitants today, but it used to be a settlement of exceptional importance during the Middle Ages as the capital of a taifa, that is, an independent Muslim-ruled principality; these small kingdoms were established after the caliphates had been liquidated. Some of these taifas actually paid tribute to Christians in order to maintain their independence.

Enjoy the images of this amazing Spanish village – click on a photo to view the next one in the gallery.

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