The nurse’s bathing technique had worried the mother until she saw the newborn’s reaction

Sonia Rochel, a nurse at the neonatology department of a French maternity hospital, offers fresh mothers the secret of newborn bathing techniques, so that they feel comfortable when they get in contact with water. Although at a first glance the water jet aimed directly at the baby’s body seems a bit too strong, the reaction of the babies is fantastic.

The nurse's bathing technique had worried the mother until she saw the newborn's reaction

“Thalasso Baby” is a relaxing and delicate technique that can be used to bathe babies safely, and to assure their sense of well-being. Nevertheless, this technique complies with some basic rules. First of all, it is never advisable to bathe the baby when she is hungry, because then she wants nothing but her milk, and will not have the slightest desire to be bathed.

Secondly, moms should not be frightened when they dip the baby into lukewarm water, even if the water enters into the baby’s ears or covers hes eyes. The video clearly reveal this, and the baby’s reaction is invaluable.

Sonia uses a gentle jet so the water gives the baby a delicate massage. A baby usually moves in the bath due to a reflex, and when she touches the edge of the bath, she tends to jump. As the nurse demonstrates, the mother must always have her hands ready, because the baby can make a sudden movement at any time.

At the end, when the little one is placed on a towel, her face is calm and relaxed.

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