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Nobody believed in this amazing singer

34 year old Christopher Maloney has participated in one of the X factor auditions, and he had the time of his life. He needed a lot of courage to step onto the stage, as he was firmly convinced that no one will appreciate him. With an exceptional talent and sensibility, Christopher will sure remain one of the most special contestants that have ever stepped onto the stage in this competition.


The man is extremely nervous and excited to sing in a huge hall in front of so many people. Even the members of the jury try to encourage him, knowing that everybody deserves a chance. However, no one expected him to have such a beautiful voice. By his talent and by his personality, Christopher has managed to move the whole auditorium.

From the backstage, his grandmother was supporting him, to whom Christopher dedicated the song he interpreted in the competition. There is a very special affection between the grandmother and the grandson, as it is shown towards the end of the video, especially when the eyes of both of them are filled with tears of happiness.

The audience probably has never reacted with such enthusiasm before, and probably no one ever had such a beautiful reaction to the applauses of the audience.

Nothing is more precious than the moment you realize that there exist people who believe in you.