The new schoolyear is here! Braid your little daughter’s hair into the coolest hairdo for the big day!

Everyone likes to show off a little at the beginning of the new school year. This time is a good opportunity for children to show what new things they have acquired in the summer, and turn up with something new that they can proudly point out to their classmates. This super hairstyle will make the whole class jealous!

The braid is easy to make, but still it should be practiced a few times beforehand, otherwise you may not be ready in time for the first bell.

You will need a bun-shaping sponge and some hair spray. Comb the hair, tie it with an elastic band, and separate a strand of hair. Pull the bun-shaping sponge onto the rest of the hair.

Comb the hair evenly onto the top of the head and start working on the free curl. Divide it into three parts and start braiding, adding another strand of hair each time. Continue until the bun takes shape, and then use a hairpin to hold the end in place.

The video below may come helpful, as it demonstrates the entire process.

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