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Natural treatment for curly hair

Beautiful hair can be a source of pride for everyone. In trying to make it even more beautiful, we dye it, we try out different hairdos and, without realizing it, we make it lose its shine and volume.

Source: Nico Kaiser
Source: Nico Kaiser

Those of us who have curly hair have to take extra care of it to avoid the hair turning frizzy. We need to buy special products to treat curly hair, but sometimes the results may be far from desirable. As an alternative, there exist some natural ways to treat curly hair, which are easy to make at home.

Handy solutions to turn curly hair into an object of envy

One of the trusted solutions for treating curly hair is a mask made from two tablespoons of honey and three tablespoons of olive oil. This mask has to be applied on damp hair after it has been washed and conditioned. Make sure the mask covers your hair from the roots to the tips. Cover your head with a shower cap and wait for 15 minutes for the mask to act before washing it off. You can repeat the procedure once a week to have your hair hydrated and beautifully shiny.

Another natural treatment that works very well on curly hair is a mixture of 30 ml of olive oil and 10 drops of mint oil. Apply the mixture on the scalp ant the hair by massaging it in, and wash it off after about 20 minutes. Used regularly, this mixture will also do miracle for your hair.

Last but not least, you can prepare a mask from 20 ml of olive oil, several drops of lemon juice and half an avocado. The oil will hydrate your hair, the lemon juice will make it shiny, and the avocado will provide beneficial antioxidants to your hair. Use this mask on dry hair and cover it with a shower cap. Wash it off after 20 minutes using shampoo and conditioner as usual. This method will be efficient if you use it once a week.