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Mother and son dance together Gangnam style

He laughed at his mother when she told him she could dance. Then he saw her incredible dance moves.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

What we see in this video is a life lesson from which we can all learn that any limit can be overpassed if you have courage and perseverance. This young man didn’t believe that his mother was a good dancer and could perform with such charm choreography that is a little unusual for her age.

When we really want something, our goal will be achieved for sure regardless of the age or the fact that sometimes our children believe that we can’t keep up with them. The young man in this video was impressed by his mother whom he didn’t believe when she told him firmly that she can face any challenge in dance.

It all started with a suggestion coming from the son, who ultimately proved to be a skilled teacher, and he taught his mother to dance to the rhythm of a song already well-loved worldwide – “Gangnam Style”. Their video was such a great a success that both were invited to “The Ellen Show” where they gave an outstanding performance.

The son testified that he studied the dance together with his mother, and they themselves have designed the original choreography – and his mother proved a very conscientious student. No wonder, given the defining elements of the choreography that the dance was showed as the highlight of the show. The perfect synchronization of the dance moves and the joy that reads on the dancers’ faces made the performance very spectacular and made the audience absolutely taken away.