The milefoil

The milfoil is a soft-stemmed plant found all over Europe. Common milfoil or Achillea Millefolium, A. collina or meadow milfoil and A. Asplenifolia are several members of the family of milfoils that are all used because of their medicinal properties.



Traditional usage

Modern human experiments regarding the plant’s medicinal effects haven’t been performed yet, but the presence of anti-inflammatory substances in the plant consists as a base for some of its medicinal usage.

A proven effectiveness

The anti-inflammatory effect of the plant’s extract and essential oil has been proven.
Due to its flavonoid content, the plant alleviates smooth muscle cramps.
Its essential oil has an anti microbial effect.


Using the plant doesn’t cause any specific side effects. However, it is a mild allergen, therefore, in case of oversensitivity to the plant’s family, milfoil products should be avoided to prevent cross-allergies. There is a small amount of thujon found in the essential oil of the plant, which is harmful for fetuses and it damages the nervous system. Thus, its excessive consumption is not recommended during pregnancy and breast feeding.

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