How to wear an A-shaped skirt

The big comeback of this fall and winter is the A-shaped skirt. It helps hiding extra kilograms if combined with other pieces of clothing wisely. Let’s see how we should wear this slightly retro item.


The little black one

A black A-shape skirt can make thinner girls look more feminine, and slightly rounder girls can hide problem areas if adding a wide belt. Bolder colors and patterns can be combined with simple, matching color tops. With this skirt, black pantyhose should be worn at all times, because the shape of the skirt makes the legs look thicker. With shorter skirts, we can wear a shape-fitting shirt or blouse.


A little color

Colorful skirts shouldn’t be neglected in colder weather; these items are appropriate in the winter if combined with neutral colors. This year the pastel trend is a favorite, whereas neon colors are going out of fashion.


Showy pieces

Shinier materials, wild leather and bold patterns are also winners, and they allow room for more combinations. If worn with neutral tops, these items have a minimalist or bohemian effect, while a showy piece has a slightly retro look.

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