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A horse is having fun with water, sprinkling his mistress

Animals amaze us with their unexpected reactions when they encounter new experiences. Anna Paterek and her horse Magic walked quietly through the forest when they arrived to a small lake. Anna knew that her horse had never stepped into water before, so she decided to teach him a lesson by example. The reaction of the horse took her by total surprise.


Instead of forcing the horse to enter the water, she dismounts and carefully and patiently shows him that everything is fine and there is no reason to be afraid. To convince the horse, she splashes the water with her feet, which convinces Magic to step confidently into the lake.

When his fear of water disappears, the horse enters into the water with small but steady steps, and what follows is completely unexpected – Magic does the same thing that Anna has showed him – he starts splashing the water, of course with much force, spraying his mistress from head to toe.

Although at first the horse seemed terrified of water, now he enjoys the experience like a child. By the example of his mistress, who gave her a perfect example, he got a sense of security. The video demonstrates the special relationship of the two, based on respect, affection and trust.