Hidden Beach, one of the most exclusive gifts of nature (Video)

Mexico is a perfect holiday destination around the year, as the weather is always warm there. Although its name suggests otherwise, hidden beach is actually the most popular beach in Mexico. Located in the Marieta Islands near Puerto Vallarta, it is one of the most exclusive gifts of nature.

Hidden Beach, one of the most exclusive gifts of nature (Video)

The beach was formed many thousands of years ago due to the volcanic activity in the area that created a large hole in the ground, bathed by the clear turquoise water of Bahia de Banderas.

The place has managed to remain – technically speaking – a virgin beach, protected from civilization and accessible only by a very narrow tunnel. Visitors can approach it only by swimming when the waves are small. If you are not a professional scuba diver or swimmer, you are not too likely to get to this dream place.

Another aspect that makes Hidden Beach special is that, despite its depth, the perfectly clear water offers the view of the ocean floor.

The climate here is excellent, thanks to its location, and it can be the place for a perfect holiday. You can get there only through a travel company; some local companies also organize day trips to Hidden Beach.

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