Hand-woven Spice Holder Basket

For quite a while, I have been trying to reveal the secrets of paper weaving in great details. If you are following my blog regularly, you may already have become quite confident working with the tiny paper rolls. This simple, environmentally friendly and useful technique can be used to make a huge number of handy containers, from small baskets to large woven drawers. Don’t throw advertising fliers in the garbage, as they can become real treasures if useful objects are made out of them.


Weaving a spice holder basket is not too different from weaving a wicker basket. The only extra we have to add are the dividers, in order to make the contents of the basket easier to organize. This way, we can group the different sorts of spices easily, and can fasten labels on top of the dividers as well.


Today’s blog will be mostly about a detailed description on how to make and place the dividers. The instructions on how to create woven baskets can already be found in previous blog entries.

1. Prepare beforehand a large number of paper rolls and a cardboard base, and set out some clothespins and glue.


2. The base can be divided into several equal parts; this way, the threads will be placed at even distances as well. The warp threads need to be fastened to the cardboard with the clothespins. The length of the warp threads will determine the width of the divider.


3. Once the warp threads are fastened to the other side of the cardboard, start weaving in the weft threads as well. These threads will determine the height of the divider.


4. When the desired length is reached, keep working on a little more, so the thread ends can be worked in. Take the finished work off the cardboard.


5. The ends of the weft threads need to be cut off leaving a 0.5-1 cm end.


6. Fold and glue back the ends.


7. At this point, only the end of the warp threads should be free.


8. Fold the end of these threads alternatively back and forth.


9. Put glue on the ears.


10. Carefully place the divider in the basket.


11. You may use a glue gun to fasten the base of the divider.


You can divide the spice holder basket in various ways.


Source: marrietta.ru

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