After she gave birth to four children, this woman had a huge surprise for her family!

The mother of the family gave birth to three sons, and finally found out that her fourth child would be a girl. She, however, said all along her pregnancy that she will have a fourth son! Look at the reaction of her family.

Once upon a time there was a mother who had three sons. Of course, she’d have loved a little girl, especially that her parents had nine grandchildren, all of them boys.

So when Aubrey Howell learned that the small fetus growing in her belly was a girl, she decided to keep the secret for herself all along and say to her parents, brothers and children that she was expecting another son.

The tiny newborn was asleep when the visitors arrived. The video captures the moments when the well-fed baby turns out to be a little girl instead of a boy. Not even the grandfather believed his eyes when he saw the pink ribbon on his “grandson”, and he thought his daughter was playing a joke on him. But when he realized that this time the newcomer in the family was a little girl, his joy was incredible – just like everyone else’s.

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