Fermented cucumbers, a summer specialty

Fermented cucumbers are an irresistible specialty of the summer months, which goes really well with barbecues and stews.

Fermented cucumbers, a summer specialty

For a good result lots of sunshine is necessary, so before starting, make sure that you’ll have several sunny days ahead.


  • 1 5 liter jar
  • 2.5-3 kg cucumbers
  • 1 large package dill
  • bread crust to cover the cucumbers
  • salt
  • garlic

Preparation time:

3-4 days


Wash the cucumbers thoroughly. Cut off both ends and poke each cucumber with a fork in several places. Sterilize the jar, and place half of the dill at the bottom. Then put the cucumbers, standing, into the jar. When the first layer is in, put in 2-3 cloves of garlic; then, you can add the second layer of cucumbers and a few cloves of garlic. When the jar is full, warm up enough water to cover the cucumbers, add 3 tablespoons of salt and fill up the jar.

Spread the leftover dill on the top, and cover it all with bread crust.

Close the jar tightly and place it into a sunny spot. Leave it there for three days. After three days, taste a cucumber to see if the fermentation is complete. If not, leave the jar in the sun for another day.


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