Exotic apple-mango dessert recipe

In the winter, we need to consume much more fruit to ensure the necessary vitamin intake. If you don’t like to eat lots of fruit, combine them into a dessert.

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia


    • 2 apples
    • 2 ripe mangoes
    • 100 g oatmeal cookies
    • 2 tablespoons honey
    • 1 tablespoon butter
    • 3 dl cranberry juice
    • The juice of 1 lime
    • 50 g sugar
    • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
    • 4-5 mint leaves


Clean the fruits and cut them into small cubes. In a small bowl, mix cranberry juice, sugar, mint leaves, lime juice and cinnamon, and boil the mixture until it turns into thick syrup. When done, remove the mint leaves.
Crumble the oatmeal cookies, pour some honey over them, and roast them in a buttered pan.

For serving, first pour the syrup into glasses, then add the cubed fruits, and finally sprinkle the fruits with the roasted oatmeal cookie crumbs.

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