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The easiest and most natural way to propagate roses

Roses are among the favorites of many people. A garden full of roses of all colors will embellish both the green space in front of the house and any moment of our life. The video teaches how to propagate roses in the simplest and most natural way. You may use a knife or a hand drill.

The easiest and most natural way to propagate roses
Photo: Capture YouTube

To create new rose plants, you need young shoots with buds already formed, several raw potatoes and a pot of fertile soil. First, drill a hole into every potato. Insert a shoot into each of the holes, and place the potatoes in a large pot. Fill the pot halfway with earth, and after all potatoes are placed in, fill the pot with soil to the top. Cut off the bottom of a PET bottle for each shoot, remove the lids and cover the shoots.

For the shoots to develop roots, it is necessary to water the soil in the pot regularly. After a short time, the growing buds will signal that a new rose plant is growing. These cuttings now can be transferred to their final place, and next year you will be able to enjoy their lovely scent and colors. Good luck!