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This dog seems to be in the seventh heaven as he is bathed

Dogs are truly man’s best friends, but their care entails more responsibility from the owners who have to provide all their needs. The dog in the video is no exception: he enjoys a lot of affection and attention from his master. You can see how relaxed he is while his owner is washing him. Which dog would not like to be in his place?


The man in the picture knows perfectly how to care for a dog when it comes to proper hygiene. He has a tub perfect for a refreshing bath, and his dogs enjoy a total relaxation while receiving such treatment. The bath is a true blessing for these dogs; too bad they don’t fit both at once!

Surely bathing has become a ritual, and these dogs are accustomed to sit still during it. The dog in the bath enjoys a complete relaxation, and his position of total abandonment just shows this. He is lying in the tub without moving at all, enjoying his master washing his paws one after the other. For him, everything is great.

Meanwhile, the second quadruped gives tours and if saying “Are you ready? Come on, it’s my turn now. I want to have a bath too!” All dogs should be treated with such love and care, don’t you think?