Demonstration of artistry on the potter’s wheel

When talent blends harmoniously with skill and passion, the result can only be a perfect artwork. Using the potter’s wheel to create circular motion, Mikhail Sadovnikova can create a unique beauty by just touching the wet clay with his fingertips or with some simple tools.


Sadovnikova has turned his job into art. He demonstrates his skill creating fascinating patterns that constantly evolve into something else. For him, the pottery wheel is a tool that helps him to design concentric geometric patterns with an utmost precision. The demonstration is impressive, and the resulting design, including concentric circles, flowers and waves, resembles mandala-type patterns.

The whole process of creation bears the imprint of the artist’s creativity and originality, and it amazes us with its unique designs. Although the designs are ephemeral, their beauty remains in the memory of the viewer.

We invite you to spend 15 minutes admiring the incredible hypnotic patterns appearing in the wet clay on the potter’s wheel.

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