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How to cut onions without crying

One of the moments when we are sad and crying without reason is when we need to cut an onion. And as this happens quite often, probably everybody has thought of finding an efficient way to do away with tears flowing continuously. Now, an American presents a simple and handy method to avoid tears completely.


Jack Scalfani, from Nashville, Tennessee, demonstrates that the method he applies to cut onions as straightforward as possible. It involves taking a sharp knife and cutting a cone-shaped piece out of the onion from the root end. Once this part of the onion, which is in fact guilty for causing tears, is off, the dry skin of the onion is removed, and the onion is cut in two.

After that, all that remains to do is cut the onion crosswise in slices, and then chop it up. If you look at Jack Scalfani when he has finished cutting onions, he is still in a good mood, a sign that his method is effective and the result is the one you want: a lot less emotional experience.

After all it’s not really a tragedy if we shed some tears over with a chopped onion, and it’s not worth giving up on this vegetable that gives taste to all foods.

Do you know other methods to make kitchen work easier? We would be happy if you shared them with us.