Crumple some aluminum foil and throw it in the washing machine

If you are tired of pairing up socks and collecting dirty laundry after your children, the following video will teach you some great tricks to make washing clothes easier.

For example, buy a smaller laundry bag and attach it to the laundry hamper. All members of the family can throw their dirty socks into the bag, which then can into the machine as is, so the socks don’t get mixed with other pieces of clothing.

Place the detergent on a high shelf so small children can’t reach it.

You can store the ironing board easily and practically using a simple hanger. You can also hang more clothes if you fasten a metal bar onto the wall.

If you want to dry your clothes quickly in the dryer, put in a dry towel for the last 15 minutes so it absorbs moisture.

Cover the clothesline with plastic wrapper so the clothes won’t have a folding line.

Cardboard makes a great toy for children.

Details in the video below.

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