This bride got a gift on her wedding day that has been saved for 20 years

Brooke Zugg was adopted by a loving family when she was one and half years old, and she has led a very happy life ever since. On the day when Sherry, her adoptive mother first saw the lovely little girl, she wrote her a very touching letter. On her wedding day, Brooke got this letter as a gift.

The moment Brooke opened the gift, she was overwhelmed by emotions, and both she and Sherry cried with happiness. Brooke received the most beautiful gift ever. Sherry sewed the letter on a piece of her own wedding dress she had worn over 20 years before.

Brooke said the letter was a huge surprise to her, as she never knew it existed. Sherry said she wanted to let Brooke know how important she was for them, and how happy the whole family was when Brooke joined them as a member of the family. She thought the letter would be a very significant gift for Brooke on her wedding day, and she was right.

Neither mother nor daughter will forget this touching moment as long as they live.

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