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Black roses, a fascinating myth! How real are they?

Black roses make an entirely special gift, and an elegant bouquet of these flowers can signify a profound, wild, and dark passion. If you want to impress a sophisticated woman on Valentine’s day, a black rose can say a lot about your feelings. But do these flowers exist in reality? Yes and no.

Black roses are no longer a rarity. If you want a sensational bouquet, you can order them in any luxury florist’s shop and get it on the same day, because florists can dye roses black.

However, florists in Turkey boast that natural black roses grow in their country, namely in the Halfeti region. Locals talk about the myth of the black roses, because these attract tourists. In reality, though, roses can’t have this color naturally.

In the Halfeti region, there is indeed a sort of brown rose so dark that, as the flowers mature, they seem almost black.

If photographed in the right light and slightly modified with a photo editing program, you can obtain photos that show „real” Halfeti black roses.

Black roses, a fascinating myth! How real are they?
Photo: Wikimedia.org

These roses are sold at fairly high prices. You can even find black rose bushes sold on the internet, the varieties bearing names like Black Jade, Black Magic or Black Beauty.

You should know that the flowers of these varieties are of a dark gray, almost black or brownish to black, but in no case are they naturally black; also as the plant matures, many flowers won’t be so dark as the beginning.

Two methods of blackening flowers used by specialists

If you want to impress someone with a bouquet of black roses, all you need to do is to buy greyish roses in and keep them in water with black ink.

Black roses, a fascinating myth! How real are they?
Photo: Emanuel Andrei Cosutchi/Flickr.com

Another method used by luxury florists is watering the rose bushes with water mixed with black dye. As the bush grows, the special dye collects in the roots and stems and gets into the petals of the flowers too.

When the flowers open, it is possible to notice a lighter hue of grey or brown at the base of the petals, but towards the top the petals are really black.