The best air purifying plants for your room

How can you make your home a happier, more relaxed and healthier place? With the aid of plants! Making your home greener is not only easy but also indispensable. Most people spend most of their leisure time at home, so it’s crucial to make sure that the air is fresh and clean. To ensure this, we can count on plants.

Research has shown that cognitive functions of people who spend time in a room with several green plants work at measurably higher levels. It is a proven effect of plants to relieve stress, reduce blood pressure, fight airborne bacteria and toxins and increase oxygen levels. There are plants that are even more efficient in this respect than others:

Snake plant (Sansevieria)

Snake plant is a popular potted plant, but very few people know how much it can improve air quality in a room. At night, this plant transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen. It is best to place a snake plant in the bedroom to benefit of the fresh oxygen during sleep.


Epipremnum removes formaldehyde and other volatile compounds from the air. Fortunately, it is a fast growing and relatively hardy plant, so it is ideal for beginner plant owners.

Areca palm

Areca palm is a daytime plant. During the day, it removes carbon dioxide from the air and replaces it with oxygen. Areca palm is one of the best air purifying plants; the bigger the plant is and the wider its leaves are, the more benefits it brings.

In an experiment, these three plants have been shown to significantly alleviate eye irritation, respiratory problems, headaches and asthma symptoms within a few hours. To enjoy the maximum benefits of these plants, make sure to remove dust from the leaves regularly.

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