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A mother presents her newborn baby to the boxers – the dogs’ adorable reaction

Many people become very uneasy when they see a pet around a newborn, thinking that pets pose a danger to the health and safety of very small babies. On the other hand, animal lovers are convinced that it’s a good thing if a child grows up around family pets.

A mother presents her newborn baby to the boxers – the dogs' adorable reaction
Photo: Mike Ehrmantraut/YouTube

The video below presents the reaction of two boxers when they meet the new addition to the family. Macey, five years old and Vanda, one year old meet the newborn for the first time. The father and his wife have been preparing the big moment with lots of patience, and say that they had planned all details of the encounter very carefully.

First, the father gets the dogs to smell a blanket which the baby has used, to communicate to them that there is a stranger in the house. Then, the dogs are allowed in the house one by one, where the mother is waiting for them kneeling beside the baby.

The mother watches over the event carefully, ready to protect the baby if necessary, and she keeps the dogs calm with soothing words. First, the boxers are very excited, but then they calm down and watch the tiny baby with interest.

It is very important not to shock dogs with the arrival of a newborn; instead, the older members of the family need to make sure that they get used to each other gradually. This way, they will become the best friends possible.