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A Comet Is Rushing Towards the Earth

We will probably be able to see with naked eyes as the blazing tail of ISON stretches over the sky.

Photo: David Eagle
Photo: David Eagle

‘From the middle of December, the comet will be visible in the night sky. The nucleus will be less bright, but the tail will stretch over a long distance in the sky. Everybody will be able to enjoy the sight worthy to be recorded in chronicles’, writes the csillagaszat.hu Hungarian portal specialized in astronomy. According to previous information, this very comet will be the brightest one that has ever approached Earth.

The celestial phenomenon can already be observed through a telescope around the southern part of the constellation Leo. According to scientists’ expectations, beginning with the middle of November the comet will gradually become more visible as it approaches the Sun and turns brighter and brighter.

On November 28th, at about 7-8 in the evening, it will reach the closest point to the Sun on its orbit. Before that, it may become one magnitude brighter each day. During that time, it will be almost visible on the day sky, and we will definitely see it at dawn. Late risers may wait until mid-December, when, due to its position, the comet will be visible in the evening too.

A comet is a celestial body that belongs to our solar system, and revolves around the Sun on an ellipsis–shaped orbit. As it approaches the sun, it will develop a coma and a tail, both of these phenomena being the result of solar radiation reaching the nucleus. The nucleus itself is composed of loosely connected ice, dust and rocks, with dimensions that range from several kilometers to tens of kilometers.