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8 cool saving tips in the kitchen

No matter how experienced you are in the kitchen, when you bake or cook, you may encounter unexpected situations and make little mistakes that result in spoiling food. With the following clever tricks you can make food palatable again.

8 cool saving tips in the kitchen
Photo: Pixabay.com

If the cake dough turns out too sweet

If you find the cake dough is too sweet, add some lime or lemon juice. You may also sprinkle some juice on the top of an already baked cake to reduce the overly sweet taste.

The perfect roast chicken

Golden, crunchy chicken is the dream of novice cooks. In fact, you only need to ensure one important thing: the oven should be very hot! Heat it up to 260 degrees and get a nice crunchy roast chicken out of it!

If you overseasoned food

If you’ve forgotten to taste food and realize only at the end of the cooking that you added too much seasoning, you can still save the food. Simply add some sugar or butter; both of these ingredients reduce the spicy flavor.

If you burned rice

Burning rice is very unpleasant, as the burned flavor is taken over by the whole pot of rice. To avoid throwing out your dinner, remove the pot from the heat as soon as you smell the burning odor, and place it in cold water immediately. This prevents the burning flavor from spreading. Move the unburned rice into a bowl.

8 cool saving tips in the kitchen
Photo: Pixabay.com

If you overcook vegetables

Overcooked vegetables are more like baby food than a tasty side dish. If you have forgotten to remove cooking vegetables from the heat in time, move the vegetables in bowl of iced water as soon as you notice your mistake. This will stop the cooking process. The faster you act, the more crunchy the vegetables will become.

If pasta turns soggy

Cooking pasta is not as easy as many people think. If you have overcooked them, remove the pot from the heat, sprinkle olive oil in a skillet and add the pasta. Bake for a few minutes to improve the texture.

Cake stuck to the bottom of the pan

Did you make a wonderful cake and it seems that you are losing it at the last step? It often happens that the bottom of the dough sticks to the baking tray. In this case wait until the dough cools completely and then place the bottom of the baking tray into warm water. This way you can melt the fat at the bottom, and can easily remove the dough from the baking tray.

If the food is too bitter

Brussel sprouts often turn bitter during cooking, and the bitter taste is taken over by the rest of the food as well. Since sprouts are very healthy, you should rather fix this problem instead of throwing them away. Use some lemon juice and add some nutmeg to balance the flavors.