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7 reasons why you should not wash dishes by hand

Technology offers us more and more alternatives to some activities which have been very toilsome for centuries. One of these activities is washing dishes.

7 reasons why you should not wash dishes by hand
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Everybody should give up washing dishes by hand as soon as possible, and researchers offer many reasons why we should use a dishwasher instead. Here are seven reasons why you should resign to washing dishes by hand and enjoy the dishwasher, specially created for this chore.

1. You avoid getting in contact with millions of bacteria

A study cited by Daily Mail demonstrated that dishwashing sponges are 200,000 times dirtier than the toilet bowl, and they contain over 1.5 million bacteria on one square centimeter surface. Scientists warn us that washing dishes in the sink can severely damage our health and can cause infections that apparently don’t have a clear cause.

The ideal temperature for washing dishes is 60°C, and this temperature is way too hot for the human body. The solution is of course is a dishwasher, which cleans dirty dishes at 60°C at least.

2. You avoid transforming the sink into a focal point for infections

There are several places in your kitchen that favor the appearance and spreading of microbes. The sink and the garbage can are the most prolific spots for the appearance of germs. If you leave the dishes in the sink and wash them all in the same water, they will be practically submerged into a bath full of microbes. They will be contaminated with microbes left over from the surface of previously washed dishes, but also with the microbes and bacteria that had been left in the sink before you started washing dishes.

3. Dishwashers are environment friendly

Many people keep washing dishes by hand believing that they protect the environment this way. Nevertheless, between 1993 and 2003 dishwashers evolved to consuming 27% less water and 30% less electricity, and the evolution of technology hasn’t stopped 13 years ago. The new models are in the A+++ and A ++ energy class, and they are even more energy efficient than dishwashers a decade ago.

7 reasons why you should not wash dishes by hand
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4. Dishwashers help you save money

In every household, 27,000 L of water is wasted by washing dishes in the sink every single year. If you consider the price of water, you will realize that water saving machines are a great way to save money.

5. They help you save time

In our days, time has become a real commodity. We tend to work more and more and have less and less time to relax. After each meal, washing dishes can become a toil, especially when we would like to rest and detach from our daily chores instead. A dishwasher can take a burden off your shoulders, and you may relax after each meal without thinking of the dirty dishes left in the sink.

6. They protect your hands

Dishwashing liquid and high temperature water harm the skin on your hands. After each time washing dishes, your hands become rough and red. In addition, your manicure doesn’t resist washing dishes either.

7. It helps you a lot when you have guests

When your friends and relatives come for a visit, you want to serve them something delicious. Of course, the dishes heap up, and after your guests leave the last thing you want to do is to wash dirty dishes. Dishwasher saves you the trouble, and your dishes and silverware will come out shiny after a simple pressing of a button.