Homeless man needs money for food, the hot girl wants money for breast implants. Watch how people react!

If you encounter two very different people soliciting in the street, which one would you give money to? Would you favor the babe who raises money to get breast implants, or the homeless man begging for food?

Rob, the male protagonist in the video, set up an experiment right in the street to highlight two completely different social issues. During the experiment, he is posing as a homeless man begging for food, and a built-in girl, Maria is soliciting money from passers-by for breast implants.

Rob wanted to know which problem moves people enough so they take out their wallet and donate. Initially, the two are soliciting at two different sites, both of them holding up a cardboard sign with their request written on it. During this part of the experiment Rob doesn’t get a single cent, while Maria collects a considerable amount of money and people ask to take selfies with her.

After a while, the two join each other and continue soliciting just a few steps away from each other. From this point on, Maria doesn’t get nearly as much positive attention and money as before, as because of Rob’s presence the passers-by start having second thoughts about giving any money to her. Nevertheless, nobody chooses to give any money to Rob.

The experiment is very thought-provoking because of the fact that it shows people’s more than unreasonable attitudes and choices they make when encountering people in need.

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