Everybody admires an ancient farmhouse in Romania

Not a single day passes without a local or foreign tourist stopping by to take a photo of a unique landmark in Rastoci, Salaj County in Romania – a 200 year old farmhouse. The only inhabitant of the house is 90 years old Iuliana Campean, known as Aunt Julika in the village – reports Agerpres.

Souce: Agerpres

Souce: Agerpres

The clay-walled, thatch-roofed cottage is a sight out of a fairy tale. It is completely unspoiled, as it never had electricity, gas and running water installed.

“There was a day when twenty Austrian tourists crowded into my house. People in the village say I should ask for an entrance fee, because the house is a monument”, told Aunt Julika to Agerpres.

She also told that the house in sin very good condition; all that needed to be changed was the thatched roof. Its cost, over 1000 euros or 1200 dollars, was saved up over time from the old woman’s 100 euro (120 dollar) per month pension.

Souce: Agerpres

Souce: Agerpres

The house has been included into the list of sights proposed for monument protection.

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