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A young man performs an experiment to conquer his greatest fear

We are all aware that we are going to grow old, and we can’t stop asking ourselves what we are going to look like. Wrinkles and small disabilities will appear with age. Even though when we are young tend to judge old people of being too slow, not being able to hear very well, talking too much and sometimes being annoying, we should stop for a moment and realize that old age is something we are all headed for if we are fortunate enough to stay alive.

A young man performs an experiment to conquer his greatest fear
Photo: YouTube

The young man in the video clip wanted to perform an experiment to see what he will look like at the age of 80. For him, the physical appearance is very important, and his greatest wish is not to ever get old. The makeup specialists transformed him in such a credible way that he could hardly recognize himself when he looked in the mirror. In fact, nobody in his acquaintance recognized him.

In the first phase he wanted to put his girlfriend to a trial and called her to discuss wedding plans with her. Of course she didn’t recognize him, and treated him with indifference. In fact she looked annoyed that an old man wanted to talk to him about marriage. Later, even though she recognized him and understood what he wanted, she looked very uncomfortable while talking to him.

Not even his father recognized him; in fact, he ignored his son completely until he realized who he was.

The video clip is a good opportunity to pull an alarm signal to how the elderly are treated in the modern society – often it’s as if they didn’t exist or they wouldn’t be good for anything. We often tend to forget that these old people are the ones who gave us life, walked us in the park and were beside us when we had troubles.