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You will be amazed: What experts say about water with lemon

Noncarbonated water with lemon juice has lately been praised for its benefits on health, and many studies prove these benefits. Studies such as Dabbah, Edwards, & Moats, 1970 prove the antibacterial properties of lemons.

Photo: Song Zhen/Flickr.com
Photo: Song Zhen/Flickr.com

Lemon juice seems to be an active ingredient in destroying many microorganisms, and it was identified as an anti-HIV agent. Other studies have proved that lemon juice is an excellent antiparasitic agent as well, acting especially well against intestinal parasites. Moreover, lemon is considered a good remedy to combat anemia.

On the other hand, specialists suggest avoiding lemon water in certain situations, when it can actually be harmful to our health. During a recent study – “Microbial Flora on Restaurant Beverage Lemon Slices” – specialists analyzed random lemon slices collected from 12 restaurants.

What they found in the laboratory was truly shocking: dozens of microbes were present on the slices from E. Coli and other intestinal bacteria to fungi such as Candida. Hepatitis A can also be transmitted via lemon water. Specialists are calling the attention to the fact that these microorganisms may produce serious health problems.

It is important to add that these microorganisms are transmitted from the hands of restaurant workers as well as from surfaces where lemons have been stored. These dangerous microorganisms can also be found on other types of food, especially meat. Specialists insist on practicing hygienic work habits when such food is prepared. If you make your own lemon water and you respect the norms of hygiene, you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of this drink.