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Wrap string around a ball to make an interesting lampshade

A lampshade can be a nice decoration, and it can provide much greater satisfaction if you make it yourself. Leave the lamps in the store for those who are not creative, and make your own lovely lampshades for yourself and to give them away as gifts. 

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

You will need lots of colorful strings, glue, a plastic washbasin and an inflatable rubber ball. Before you start this sticky work, put on protective clothing. The video below shows a very interesting idea about how to make protective clothing out of a plastic bag. 

Put the inflated ball into the washbasin. This is important so the bowl will hold the ball in place, and the glue will be prevented to get all over the place. Draw the circle on the top of the ball. This circle you won’t cover with string, so you will have an opening through which you caninsert the bulb and the wire.

The second step is preparing the glue. Pour it into another bowl and mix it at approximately half-and-half ratio with water. Dip the string into the glue, and then start wrapping it around the ball until all the string is used up. Allow the string to dry and harden completely, and then let the air out from the ball – you’re done!