Would you like to have your jeans look like new for a longer time than usual?

Here are some easy-to-apply tricks you may try to prevent the discoloration of your jeans.

Source: Capture YouTube

Source: Capture YouTube

Washing jeans in salty water will help stabilizing the color and stop discoloration. Also, washing them in cold water will prevent discoloration.

You can simply avoid washing your jeans too often. You can get rid of unpleasant smells by placing the pants, in a sealed plastic bag, into the freezer.

Washing clothes is one of the most unpleasant chores. However, there are several smart tricks that can make your job easier.

In the video clip below, you can see how you can keep your jeans new-looking for a long time, how to keep your washing machine clean, how to eliminate unpleasant odors and many other useful tips.

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