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Why mature women do not want to remarry?

Recently, I have read the message of a 57 year old lady who could be described with two words: very tired. Several years ago she married a man, and she was looking forward to relax and enjoy life alongside him. She had beautiful plans for the future including lots of travel and fun. In reality however, things turned out much less bright.

Why mature women do not want to remarry?

First of all, her husband hardly ever helped her with household chores, and constantly reproached to her that that she was living in his house. Even though she found it difficult, she just listened calmly and avoided to become reactive for a long time.

Meanwhile, she was assigned a new task she had not expected or really wanted: she was looking after her husband’s seven year old grandson for many hours a day. The parents practically gave over their child to his grandfather – that is, in fact to the new grandmother. She had to accompany him everywhere, cook for him, do homework with him and so on. She never had children, so she found all these tasks very difficult.

Her life after marriage did not get better; in fact it has turned the opposite. She had to worry for many things, rarely had time for herself, and had to look after somebody else’s child. She started worrying about what she could do if her husband had become sick too. How could she have managed? For all these reasons, the woman started thinking more and more often of divorce.

For many mature women it is difficult to find a partner because of all the added responsibilities instead of a more carefree and relaxed live. In fact, more and more women over 50 years old decide to remain are unmarried.