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Why It’s Worth Eating Apples Every Day

Apple may traditionally be the most popular fruit that grows in abundance in our country in a great number of varieties. However, it seems that nowadays it has lost some of its popularity; in marketplaces, buyers may often choose some exotic fruit instead. It’s a pity, as apples are not only cheap, delicious and healthy, they also keep the doctor away.

Photo: Flickr.com
Photo: Flickr.com

It’s interesting, for example, that this is the first fruit babies are allowed to eat. The reason is, it is a source of many vitamins. In addition, we can find about twenty minerals in it, such as potassium, calcium, phosporus, magnesium, sodium, zinc, fluoride, iodine and selenium, minerals that serve in strengthening our immune system.

In apple skin we can also find an antioxidant called flavonoid.

It’s a well known fact that apples also help metabolism, due to the fibrous material called pectin that makes up one third of its fibers. Besides these, cardiovascular diseases can also be prevented by eating apples regularly; apples keep blood sugar in check as well.

Be careful, though, because many insects like apples too, and in most cases they have been treated with pesticides. Make sure to wash apples thoroughly before eating them.