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Why it’s not good to water orchids, and what solution should be used instead to make them bloom spectacularly

Why is it not good to water orchids using ordinary water? You can instead use a special solution to make your flowers healthy and last longer.

Why it’s not good to feed orchids with water

The best solution requires extra effort, but you’ll enjoy more beautiful flowers than if you just water your orchids, and they will bloom more profusely than ever. What you need to do for this is water the flowers with green tea.

Green tea is a very effective fertilizer for stimulating flowering and maintaining the optimal health of orchids. In fact, green tea is very rich in essential elements for the growth of these plants and contains nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus.

How is this method of watering orchids actually done? It is very simple. This natural fertilizer is made as a simple tea, by placing a few green tea leaves in hot water. Once the infusion has cooled, you can water the soil of the orchids with it as usual.

Fertilizing with green tea should not be done too often. The optimal interval is once a month, and should be applied only during the growth seasons, in spring and summer. Under no circumstances should you overdo this plant care trick as it can cause undesirable effects and all your orchid flowers and even the leaves may fall off.

To achieve an even better effect, you can place the contents of a green tea bag at the base of the plant, as it will draw all its nutrients from there.

Watering orchids with water used to boil eggs

Another very interesting trick that can be used to water and feed orchids at the same time is to use the water in which you have boiled eggs. Once the eggs have been boiled and the water has cooled, you can use it to water your orchids. Egg shells contain a lot of calcium and phosphorus, and the minerals reach the root of the plant and fertilize it.

Banana peels can also be very good for fertilizing plants and they can be used to make orchids flower more abundantly. For this purpose, mix the banana peels with water and leave them to ferment for 24 hours, then pour the liquid into the containers of the orchids.

Another excellent nutrient for orchids is the water in which you have cooked rice. In fact, the cooking water of rice is a good fertilizer for many types of plants as it stimulates their growth and maintains their health.