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Why can’t you get rid of your belly?

Do you often ask yourself why you don’t succeed in losing stomach fat, and you have already run out of ideas on how to obtain a flat and toned abdomen? Do you go to the gym frequently and keep a diet, but nothing seems to help? Then you should probably pay attention to a few details to be able to finally get rid of abdominal fat.

Source: pixabay.com
Source: pixabay.com

You don’t follow an appropriate exercise regime.

It is helpful to do abdominal exercise, but you must know that it is not recommended to overdo them, or to rely solely on this type of exercise. Sit-ups strengthen abdominal muscles, but they favor an overall weight loss rather than targeting the fat around the abdomen. There are much more efficient types of cardio-type exercise such as jogging outdoors, walking and swimming; all these strengthen lower abdominal muscles and thus more calories are burned.

You consume too much salt.

Excessive salt consumption causes bloating. You may pay attention not only to your obvious, but also to your hidden salt intake, as most processed food contains loads of salt. You can replace regular salt with sea salt or the Kosher version, as these have a lower sodium content.

You don’t eat enough food rich in magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral that helps a lot in a weight loss diet. According to a study published in 2013 in the Journal of Nutrition, it seems that a high magnesium intake is associated with lower levels of glucose and insulin in the blood, both being substances responsible for the accumulation of fat. Moreover, a magnesium-based supplement has beneficial effects in the reduction of fluid retention during menstrual cycles.

You don’t rest enough.

Lack of sleep has a negative effect on your health, including a growing waist circumference. The reason is that tiredness stimulates the rising of ghrelin, a hormone that is responsible for regulating the sensation of hunger. This way, it will be more difficult to resist culinary temptations, and you are more likely to eat food that is rich in fat.

You haven’t resigned to eating sugar.

There is a strong link between the accumulation of fat deposits around the abdomen and sugar consumption. Learn to replace sweet carbonated drinks with water or unsweetened tea; resign to unhealthy sweets and use sweeteners instead of sugar.