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Which animal do you notice first? A simple test of your inner strength

Your inner strength is manifested in extreme situations, when life challenges you to bring to light all the power of your soul, all the goodness and all the energy you are capable of.

Which animal do you notice first? A simple test of your inner strength
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The animals you see in the above image are unique symbols of the power of your mind. Here’s what each one represents.

Look at the drawings above for just a few moments to see which animal catches your eyes first. Sociologists say this figure draws your attention to itself because it corresponds with your inner need for recognition and identification.

Find out what the animal you have chosen symbolizes and how it is related to your inner strength.

If the elephant silhouette stands out to you

An elephant symbolizes strength, maturity, wisdom and patience. It is the most powerful animal, and not only physically.

Similarly, you feel that you can be strong in extreme situations and you can judge and act wisely when necessary.

You have great confidence in your inner capabilities, but you don’t flaunt it, and don’t like to stand out. You let the facts speak, and this is appreciated by those around you.

If you are attracted to the silhouette of the lion

Your inner strength is a huge force in emergency situations. When you have to make quick decisions, you are more courageous and stronger than when you think too much about how to solve a situation. Your strength lies in speed, courage, boldness and attack.

On the other hand, the lion symbolizes a soul that hides feelings and emotions at all costs. You are convinced that you will remain strong only if you defend your heart.

The symbol of the deer and your inner strength

If you first distinguish the deer, whose horns are so obvious, your inner strength lies in the nobility of your soul and the respect for the truth. You will always seek to be sincere, open, impartial and objective.

When you make important decisions, you balance the logical arguments and don’t allow yourself to be influenced by feelings and emotions. You know your value and you are proud of your spirit and intelligence.

What the rabbit tells about your inner strength

The rabbit is one of the most beloved animals and symbolizes new beginnings, hope and opportunities. You are characterized bey intelligence and creativity, and you are a free and lucky spirit.

Your inner strength lies in the independence and creativity of your ideas. You know you can solve anything, you know you can skip any obstacle and you can always choose another way if a path closes ahead of you.