What would it be like to swing over a gaping precipice? Just like this!

The Andes woodlands, interspersed with chasms, are everything but safe ground. This is especially true about a swing hanging on a tree perched over a precipice. Even a look at the swing hanging over the void is frightening, as there isn’t a single rope or chain to retain those who dare sitting on it.


The locals call the Ecuadorian curiosity “the doomsday swing”. As a matter of fact, in the minds of those who are swinging on it, the world almost ceases to exist.

There is an observation station called La Casa del Arbol on the tree with the swing: a small wooden house from where the Tungurahua volcano is observed.

It is worth visiting this place for the sake of the landscape only; the swing hanging over the chasm is the bonus. Lots and lots of people have already tried out the bizarre toy, and they probably left with the experience of a lifetime. Would you dare swinging on it?

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