What this man is able to create from a simple log will leave you speechless

When you have before you a log with a considerable diameter that you can barely lift, it wouldn’t even occur to you that this awkward object can be transformed into a delicate shade for a floor lamp in the living room. But, as you will see, there are skilled people who can do this, albeit with painstaking work; the images speak for themselves.

Soren Berger creates wooden sculptures. Using a lathe equipped with all necessary accessories, the extremely skillful man is working on a block wood, turning it into a lampshade.

Many artisans work such objects manually, but this man’s technique assures that everything is done much faster and with greater finesse. The lathe and the accessories Soren is using are suitable for all stages of his work from the log phase to the finished shade. It takes skill and attention, however, to prevent any unwanted accidents.

First the bark of the log is removed, and then the inside is scooped out. Step by step, the wood fiber layers are removed, and towards the end, the thickness of the wall of the resulting cylinder is reduced so as to allow the passage of light. Soren is handling the knives skillfully and with great precision to polish the wood surface.

Such objects beautify our home environment and reveal how true artwork can be obtained from waste wood. Everything is reused, even the resulting shavings, which can be an excellent fuel for the winter.

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