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What this man does for a windshield washer is far more valuable than any amount of money

Most jobs are rewarded with money and sometimes even an expression of appreciation.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

The protagonist of this short film is a windshield washer who has found a way to make himself useful without always wanting a reward for his efforts; he is content with a kind word and is happy if people show him that they think what he does is perfectly normal. Even though he doesn’t have a steady workplace, this doesn’t stop him from leading an honest life.

One day, a very charitable man passes by him, who feels that every kind of work should be appreciated. This man has been observing the windshield washer for several days, and finally has decided to offer him a chance that is hardly encountered twice in a lifetime.

A business card and a well-intentioned offer have transformed this young man from a casual windshield washer into a model-employee, who will feel appreciated for his best qualities from now on. What we mustn’t ever forget is our moral values, respect, solidarity and honesty, which we can transmit to people around us.