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What old phone booths are good for

Two Czech youngsters decided to offer a new life to old phone booths in Prague, hardly ever used anymore because of the cell phone boom: they are transferring these phone booths into mini-libraries.

Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

The very first of these bookshelves was inaugurated at a Prague hospital. On the shelves of the red booth the patients of the hospital will find books of all genres written by various authors from John Grisham to John Galsworthy.

Monika Serbusova, 27, coauthor of the project along with a colleague, says that a similar project executed in Great Britain had inspired them. The two obtained the support of a local phone operator and they have installed the mini-libraries with the help of their friends and colleagues.

“My cousin, who attends a school of technology, showed us how to mount the shelves, and my grandmother brought us a bag of books thrown out by her neighbours”, said Monika Serbusova. The organizers gave 700 books with this project, received as gifts.

“The plan consists of installing more phone booths all around Prague to see if the idea is a success with the public”, declared Lucie Jungmannova, the spokesperson of Telefonica Czech Republic, which operates over 13,000 de phone booths in the Czech Republic.