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What is the secret of a happy marriage? A grandmother’s advice to her granddaughter

Enjoy the following simple but thoughtful tips that a grandmother shared with her granddaughter on her wedding day. Remembering and practicing them will help you a lot in maintaining family peace and harmony.

1. Never argue with your husband in front of your children, because you are risking to lose their respect.

2. Never try to tell your husband what to do; he will be more considerate to you if you let him make his own decisions.

3. It is your job to maintain peace and harmony in your home. Learn to forgive in difficult situations. Ongoing tension and grudges can destroy a family.

4. Always keep your house clean. Don’t neglect cleaning, as even a little dust will make the house look unkempt.

5. Don’t be afraid or lazy to learn. A well-educated, intelligent wife will have smart and educated children. Smart children usually have a happy family and a beautiful future.

6. Never be jealous, a jealousy can also destroy a family. If your husband loves you, he will not cheat on you. Respect and love him, and he will remain faithful to you.

7. Always prepare delicious and beautiful food. Most men notice and appreciate good cooking.

8. Respect for one another is the most important attitude within a family. Where there is respect, there is love!