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What causes the skin around the nails to break and why is it so painful?

The skin around the nails often breaks, especially in the cold season, and although the affected area is usually not too big, it can be very painful.

If a small piece of skin is torn off at the edge of the cuticle, it may cause a sharp pain for days. The skin around the nail becomes weakened and vulnerable, which is why it breaks.

“They can result from a variety of things, like biting your nails, a bad manicure, dry skin, using harsh soap and detergents, cold temperatures, and ‘waterlogged’ hands,” says dermatologist James Collyer.

But in the summer, it’s also possible for the skin around the nails to break off, as pools with overchlorinated water, for example, can easily trigger a sensitizing effect. If you don’t use a proper hand cream throughout the entire year, you’re more likely to encounter this annoying problem.

Why is broken skin around the nails so painful?

Cracked, shredding skin around the nails hurts so much because, however small the wound, there are many nerve endings at the fingertips. The more the area around the nail becomes inflamed, the more the nerves are pressed.

It is advisable to cut off the strips of skin carefully with scissors to avoid infection. Never tear off these pieces of skin, as this will only injure the area further and can easily lead to bleeding.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid chapped skin around the nail unless you use a moisturizer regularly.

A few more things you can do is wear rubber or latex gloves when washing up or doing household chores, and don’t trim the skin around the nail too much.

It’s a good idea to visit a manicurist from time to time for professional nail care.