Watch: The jury remains speechless when this girl starts singing

It is rare for members of a jury to remain speechless during a production. The jury of a German talent show became mesmerized as a 16-year-old girl started singing I Will Always Love You. It requires great talent to sing Whitney Houston’s song perfectly.

Laura Kamhuber, just like than any competitor, was nervous when she entered the stage, and she was greatly surprised by the reaction of the jury. Hardly did she begin to sing the first line, when every jury member started to seem pleasantly shocked. When all three members of the jury turned their chairs, it was becoming evident that something big was happening. The 16-year-old girl had a huge success.

“Oh, heavens, this girl sang absolutely incredibly. While listening to her, I was struggling with tears. She has the voice of a beautiful angel, she is really talented, and she should take advantage of this. God help her so her wishes would be fulfilled and she would be successful.”- goes a comment about Laura below the video published on the Web.

It is really rare to hear such a lovely and clear voice. Enjoy the video and share it with your friends if you liked it.

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