Vrbnik – an idyllic Croatian town with the narrowest street in the world

Located on the Croatian island of Krk, Vrbnik is famous for containing the narrowest street in the world and countless beautiful sights.

The island of Krk is one of the most beautiful and popular places in Croatia, with plenty of attractions for travelers. Vrbnik, a village with 1,200 inhabitants is located on the island’s coast, is well-known around the world.

The town is a real Mediterranean gem, which attracts tourists with its charming streets, quaint buildings and tranquil beaches; also, it boasts with the narrowest street in the world.

Sights in Vrbnik

Vrbnik has many tiny streets that may only be used for pedestrian traffic. Its narrowest road was declared a world record: Klančić Street is only about 40 centimeters wide.

Vrbnik is located on the eastern side of Krk Island. The largest island in the country is accessible not only by boat but also by a road through the city of Omisalj from the north. The island also has an airport called Rijeka.

Once arrived to Vrbnik, you will soon find yourself wandering in beautiful, stone-covered Mediterranean streets.

Klančić Street is a major tourist attraction; the approximately 40 centimeters wide street is ranked as the narrowest street in the world. Visitors like to try and see whether they are able to squeeze themselves through it.

Vrbnik is rich in beautiful buildings. The most important monument is the parish church dedicated to Holy Mary.

The Renaissance bell tower was built separately from the church in the 1500s, and can be seen from far away.

The remnants of the former fortress wall on the eastern side of Vrbnik.

While walking the streets, visitors are captivated by the Mediterranean atmosphere of the light-colored buildings, narrow streets and terraces full of plants.

On the east coast of the island visitors can swim in the calm water of sea bays. Potovosce Beach is situated south of Vrbnik, while Kozica Beach is in the immediate vicinity of the town.

Wine lovers will also enjoy the island: the special wine of Krk is called Vrbnička Žlahtina, which is made from native white Žlahtina grapes. The grapes are produced exclusively in the vineyards by Vrbnik. Grasevina, the local Italian Riesling, is available at any wine shop on the island.

Vrbnik in the sunset is a delightful sight.

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