(Video) Shaving foam successfully solves many problems in our home

If you think that shaving foam is used exclusively by men and just for shaving, these images will completely change your mind.

Shaving foam successfully solves many problems in a home: it can be a lubricant for squeaking hinges, a cleaning agent for different surfaces, and it can remove even stubborn stains from clothing.

Does the squeaking of the door hinges bother you? Apply some shaving foam and the doors will open and close silently. If you need a solution for cleaning sinks, shower cabinets or mirrors, shaving foam is the ideal solution. Spray a little shaving foam on these surfaces, and then wipe them well, and everything will shine again.

Does the mirror fog up every time you take a bath, and wiping it with your hand or a cloth results in stubborn traces? When washing the mirror, apply a very thin layer of shaving foam on the entire surface, and then wipe the mirror with a dry cloth. Shaving foam prevents fogging of the mirror.

If you have stained your clothes with sauces or mustard shaving foam also helps us solve this unpleasant situation. Apply some shaving foam by circular motions on each spot, and then wash the garment as usual. Shaving foam can be effective even in removing paint stains.

These are just a few less known uses of shaving foam, but we are sure there are others too.

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