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Useful tips for orchid lovers

Once someone starts collecting orchids, it is difficult to stop, and only the space available poses some limits.

Useful tips for orchid lovers
Photo: Pixabay.com

Most species of the orchid family live in Central and South America and Asia, but we can find them almost anywhere in the wild, with the exception of dry deserts and frosty arctic areas. Their typical habitat is rainforests and tropical mountain forests with high humidity, but they also live in rocky areas on seashores.

How to care for orchids

The two most basic conditions for keeping orchids are lots of light and high humidity.

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Transplantation of butterfly orchids

Because they are tree-dwellers, the roots of butterfly orchids are basically air roots, but certain changes can be observed at orchids grown in pots. The roots of orchids grown in pots can be of two types: those that grow inside and those that are situated outside of the planting medium. These roots differ in their function and external features.

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During transplanting, one needs to pay attention to placing all the roots to the same place where they used to be, that is, inside or outside. Even if we don’t choose a much bigger pot, transplanting rearranges the roots as well.