Two women over 65 ask for the services of a professional makeup artist. The result is exceptional!

If used properly, a little powder, foundation and eyeliner can do miracles. As we age, our face starts sagging and it becomes colorless and weary-looking.

67-year-old Holgi and a 75-year-old Willow asked for the help of a professional makeup artist. The ladies have always been well-groomed and they dressed nicely, but recently they haven’t pay too much attention to make-up, as they thought they shouldn’t bother about it at their age.

Holgi has always been a beautiful woman, so she never worried about putting on makeup, and her daily beauty routine consisted of cleaning and hydrating her skin. She confessed that her beauty routine always took only five minutes. Willow said that she likes beautiful, but she never cared too much for make-up herself. She could hardly wait to see what the make-up artists could do.

The final result can be seen in the video below. The two ladies look years younger, and it is very nice to see how delighted they were with their new looks. How do you like them?

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