Two of the best boogie-woogie dancers give a performance, conquering the world

Music is always a source of inspiration for some choreography that combines harmonious movements of the whole body. The demonstration that the two dancers present it to us in this video fully proves that when one puts passion in such an artistic moment, the result can be simply outstanding.

Two of the best boogie-woogie dancers give a performance, conquering the world

Photo: Capture YouTube

Swiss pianist Silvan Zingg plays a piece of Boogie-woogie music, and the dancing pair, William Mauvais and Maeva Truntze surprises us with their energy. The audience remains in silent awe while watching them, but does not hesitate to reward them justly with standing ovations at the end.

The two dancers synchronize their movements perfectly in this incredible performance. The dance steps are constantly changing in rhythm and they combine harmoniously with unexpected twists and perfect pirouettes.

Observing William, we are surprised by the vivacity and energy with which he dances to these rhythms. His partner complements him in the most inspired way possible. As the rhythm of the music gets faster, the more the dance becomes more magical, and the audience is instantly animated.

Boogie woogie is a style derived from blues, which can be easily recognized by the consistent rhythm played with the left hand, while the right hand plays the melody. As a style of dance, boogie-woogie transmits positive energy by its impressive dynamics.

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