Two children delight the audience – you won’t believe your eyes!

Sometimes it seems that all self-confidence, naturalness, self-awareness, determination, loveliness and love of life disappear by the time someone becomes an adult.


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However, I dare to believe that these, in fact, don’t disappear; they are only transformed, and if you really want to, you are able to bring them into evidence at any time. The two children in the video still exhibit all of the qualities listed above, and they are such talented dancers that they take everyone off their feet.

It is an absolute pleasure to watch this duo, who enjoy and master so well what they are doing. We can learn a lot from them about how to be optimistic and full of energy.

Daniela (8) and Yasha (9) performed in a U.S. talent show, demonstrating their impeccably and perfectly harmonized dancing skills, spiced with some joking and bossing each other around.

Daniela is a perfect dancer, acting like a tiny prima donna, and Yasha leads her like a cavalier. They are incredibly talented and entertaining at the same time.

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